By working closely with external sources, we have designed a card called ‘How to Spot a Cannabis Farm’.

We are UK printers of cannabis scratch and sniff cards.

So, what does cannabis weed smell like?

This came about as some UK police forces are saying that the number of cannabis farms is ever increasing and how hard it is to continually track them down.

They realise they will need to promote and engage with the public more in order to make a concerted effort in closing these farms down.

Some people are already aware of the distinct smell of cannabis but many are not and are saying “what does cannabis weed smell like?”.

So we have created a new cannabis scratch & sniff card design, regarding cannabis cultivation and how to spot it.

What does cannabis cultivation smell like?
Signs of a cannabis farm

Having a cannabis farm in the community is a crime but also attracts unwanted visitors.

The reverse of our cannabis scratch and sniff card informs communities on what to look out for.

If anyone has suspicion of cannabis cultivation, please contact either your local police or Anti Social Behaviour at your council.


Dealing or supplying cannabis is illegal, its production is usually hidden from the public and the law.

For cannabis to grow indoors, it needs energy – a lot of energy. In fact, cannabis farms typically use about 12,000 kWh (Kilowatt hours) of electricity a month – that’s 4 times more than what the average household consumes in a year.

There have been many cases where these cannabis farms are powered by stolen electricity.

This may seem like a victimless crime, but millions of £s of energy is stolen each year through meter tampering.

The cost of this is added to every honest paying customer’s bills each year. And as energy prices increase, so will the amount that’s added to cover the costs of tampering and theft. That’s unfair.

And it’s not just the bills that you should be concerned about. Most of the time, people who steal electricity have no training. This means they could make your electricity supply very dangerous. This puts you and the people who live and work nearby in danger.

South Yorkshire Police have generated a card called HOW TO SPOT A CANNABIS FARM, initially aimed for private landlords as they have seen an increase of cannabis cultivation in rented properties. This card contains the associated smell of the cannabis plant through scratch & sniff technology. Only too happy to help.

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